About us

Jacourt got its humble start in 2010 producing high quality baseball uniforms. Founder Shawn Burton, then owner of a large baseball and softball training academy, realized he needed a better way to supply uniforms for his players. After much research, it was decided to bring the uniform business in house. Word spread quickly about his teams awesome looking uniforms and soon he was supplying uniforms all across the Midwest.

Although it all started with baseball, Shawn’s real passion was bass fishing. Having competed on national tournament trails prior to opening the baseball academy, he knew it was time to bring his high quality apparel to the sport of fishing. Today, fishing apparel makes up the majority of Jacourt’s production.

 Other than fishing and baseball, Jacourt also produces apparel for softball, bowling, cornhole, billiards, darts, and many other sports as well as corporate and casual wear.